Information for Attendees

(Updated Friday, September 27)

With only one week left before we convene at the North Shore Senior Center, we thought we would touch base one more time to prepare you for our upcoming ICOPA:

  1. The conference is being held at the North Shore Senior Center (NSSC).   Give yourself 5-10 extra minutes due to construction in the area.

    –> Here is a map to help you find the Center and detours. Find parking in front and back of the building.

  2. Prior to the conference, we need information from you.  We actually have two forms for you to fill out (because in this first year, we didn’t realize we would need so much information – sorry!)  You may have filled out the dietary needs and CEs form, but the breakout session form is new.  Please be sure you have filled out both forms. They should take less than one minute each.
  3. Conference Day times: 
    • Thursday:  arrive no earlier than 4 PM for networking, movie, and discussion. We will finish up around 7:30 PM.
    • Friday:  arrive no earlier than 8:00 AM. We will finish up around 4:30 PM.
    • Saturday: arrive no earlier than 8:30 AM.  We will finish up around 1 PM.

4.  NEW!  Don’t forget to bring business cards!  There will be up to 200 people there, so plan accordingly.

This information, and any additional information can also be found on the ICOPA website at:


If you have additional questions, we’re here to answer them, of course!


Once again, thank you so very much for your support of our inaugural ICOPA!