Heidi KummerHeidi Kummer, MD, MPH, BCPA

President, The Patient Advocate Certification Board

After almost 3 decades of clinical practice, earning a Masters of Public Health, serving as Chief Operating Officer of a start-up, while also being an advocate for seriously ill family members and friends, Heidi became a BCPA in 2018 and launched her own independent advocacy business, 3C Patient Advocacy.

She was appointed to the PACB Board of Directors in 2019 and became Chair of the Examination Commission in 2020.

This past year she was part of an inter-organizational Ethics task force that updated existing guidelines to better reflect current practice. Since November of 2021 she has been functioning as the Board’s Interim President.  Joining the PAC Board provided an opportunity to work with and learn from an as yet small, but passionate group of individuals and she looks forward to further collaboration and being able to continue to contribute to a cause she truly believes in.

Heidi will participate in the panel discussion Friday morning.