Meet Kim Pedersen

Representative, The Beryl Institute

Kim Pedersen, Director, Patient Relations, CPXP
Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital, Northwestern Medicine
Wheaton, Illinois

Kim has 25 plus years of experience in healthcare, including operational oversight of multiple areas, patient experience strategic planning and education and training, and working with patients and families to resolve issues and concerns. Kim is an advisory board member of The Beryl Institute and an executive team leader of the Patient Advocacy Community. Kim has presented multiple conference sessions, conducted a research project on the field of patient advocacy, authored a white paper and co-authored another white paper focused on patient advocacy. 

 Kim states that she is really excited about the future because even though the medical arena is ever changing, she feels the “wave” building that will touch all care providers and change the culture of how we interact and advocate for those in need.

Kim will participate in the panel discussion Friday morning.