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Through my experience I saw the need for people to be able to hire a nurse and or patient advocate to have a better experience in healthcare.

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  1. Dear Ms. Kamaker,
    Thanks for sharing your story about how you and your partner have come together to create a business that draws on the best of the skills and abilities to both have to create a business that offers broader services than either business was able to offer on its own. That is the true spirit of collaboration in action! I loved hearing the birds outdoors while you spoke!!

    I think the beauty of the collaborative work you and your colleague bring to patient advocacy speaks to the idea of what patient advocacy is all about–the concept of partnership with our patients and their families. You are correct when you note that they often don’t find the help of advocates as early as we would like for them to. And I think that points to the fact that patient advocacy isn’t as well known as a career / form of medical assistance as we would like. But with people like yourself and the many advocates who continue to set up business and speak up about the work they do and the importance of helping patients, I believe that we will become more well-known and more respected as a vital part of the health care community. Thanks for making your video and sharing with this growing international community!

  2. Thanks Christine. Pooling our resources has meant 1+1=3. It’s not just the different backgrounds we have but my partner Alicia is 30 years younger than me and we come to clients with varied (age related) perspectives and understandings. Plus, if the client is OK, we often workshop a problem or even moonlight on each other’s cases. We can also cover for each other to take vacations. I don’t think I want to go solo again.
    The one thing our two minds haven’t solved yet is how to get our services better known!

  3. Hi Dorothy. We met in March 2019 when I was visiting Sydney, your were so gracious to spend time with me during a very busy phase (you were still mostly solo). It was such a pleasure to share our stories and learn more about the Australian healthcare system. While my specialty – insurance snafus – remains a disturbingly American challenge, there are many parts of advocacy that transcend borders. Congrats on expanding your business and spreading the word about patient advocacy wide and far! — Karen (from Seattle)

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