2019 Post Conference Follow Up – Resources


Here are the goodies we promised you!

Please bookmark this page so you can return to it when you want or need to.

• Did you meet some great folks you’d like to connect with?

Download the list of attendees, including their locations and email addresses.

(With apologies! We have not listed locations because we never collected them!  We will be sure to adjust our registration form to collect locations next year.)

• Interested in learning more about our speakers?

Here is a link to their bios (no longer available from the main site).

Find links to their presentations or resource materials on the bio page, too.

Our presenters provided us with copies of their presentations, or with resource listsFind those links on the Speaker Bio page directly beneath their names. If you wish to find something that is not linked there, please reach out to them directly.

We hope to see you next year!