Richard Niksic

Community Outreach Coordinator | Outreach for Curaleaf

Richard NiksicRick Niksic has been working in the Cannabis industry for nearly five years.

Rick began doing Outreach and Education for the Greenhouse, one of the original medical cannabis providers in Illinois. During those years Greenhouse grew from four Dispensaries in Illinois to over 1000 employees with licenses in 17 states. In 2020 Greenhouse was acquired by Curaleaf which has become one of the largest cannabis companies in the world.

Curaleaf is dedicated to being a leader in education and social responsibility in this rapidly growing industry. Rick has spoken to senior organizations, health care professionals, and veterans organizations in Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland and gets a tremendous amount of satisfaction in spreading the word about this safe and effective alternative medicine.

Rick will speak Friday morning:
The Cannabis Elephant in the Room: Who’s Using and Why