Thank you again for agreeing to speak at our upcoming ICOPA Conference. It’s coming together very nicely; with credit to you!

We wanted to cross some Ts and dot some Is for you as we wind down to the last details. These should answer some of your questions and make our time together go smoothly.

  1. The conference is being held at the North Shore Senior Center (NSSC). Give yourself 5-10 extra minutes due to construction in the area.

    -> Here is a map to help you find the Center and detours. Find parking in front and back of the building.

  2. Please plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your talk so we can get you checked in, double check any presentation you’ll be giving, and so you can find your way around the Center. When you arrive, please check in at the registration desk.

    Note: No matter what day you are presenting, you are invited to attend any and all of the conference you wish. Included: please join us Thursday evening for a screening of the movie, To Err is Human. We’ll be serving hors d’oeuvres and beverages beginning at 4 PM. Watch the movie trailer here.

  3. If you haven’t done so already, please email your presentation to Anne Llewellyn ASAP because it needs CE review. We will also be adding it to our computers for presentation.

    And – important! – bring a final copy of your presentation on a thumb drive so we will have it in case we run into problems or room changes.

  4. If you plan to bring handouts: We will have a table available so attendees can pick up your materials. We expect 180 to 200 attendees at the conference.
  5. We will be setting up a web page to share speaker presentations. If you are willing to share your presentation, please REPLY with your permission. We will not post it unless you give us permission to do so. If you prefer to share it as a pdf or in another format, please send us exactly what you wish for us to post.
  6. We need a 2-3 sentence intro to use when you speak. If you have not yet done so, please send us that intro immediately so we don’t have to bug you about it.

If you have additional questions, we’re here to answer them, of course!

Once again, thank you so very much for your support of our inaugural ICOPA! We look forward to seeing you in just a couple of weeks.

Teri Dreher, Anne Llewellyn, and Trisha Torrey
ICOPA Conference Co-Organizers