Trisha Torrey

Founder of The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates

Trisha Torrey

As an ICOPA organizer, Trisha will be found on the podium throughout the conference.

Trisha Torrey is known as Every Patient’s Advocate. She is the founder and director of The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates,,, and a former board member of the Patient Advocate Certification Board.

She has written six books. The You Bet Your Life! series, help patients and caregivers understand how to navigate the healthcare system.  The four books of the Health Advocate Career Series support the business needs of private, independent patient advocates.

Trisha keeps an eye on the good, the bad, and the ugly of a healthcare system that was developed to do good, but which too often serves only itself.  As a passionate supporter of patients’ rights, she believes that healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Her work in empowerment and advocacy is a direct result of her own run-in with the healthcare system in 2004, and that experience drives her work still today.

Trisha will participate in the panel discussion Friday morning.
She will speak at Friday night’s dinner. 

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