ZZ-2020 ICOPA Call for Speakers

ICOPA logoYou are invited to submit a proposal to speak at the 2nd International Conference on Patient Advocacy (ICOPA)

Teri Dreher speaker 2019 ICOPA

Thank you for considering this invitation. The deadline for submission has passed.

Invitation Overview

The ICOPA planning team is recruiting Patient/Health Advocacy professionals to present at the 2nd Annual ICOPA Conference!

The conference will take place October 22 to 24 in Chicago IL at North Shore Senior Center. Please visit our Save the Date Page at https://icopaconference.com

We’re looking for leaders in the practice of patient/health advocates from various settings to share the innovative strategies they’ve used to build successful practices and to help patients / clients navigate and work within the broad, complex healthcare system.

We seek professionals with direct experience and proven track records who can discuss in detail their recent successes and lessons learned. The audience will include patient/health advocates with experiences that range from small independent practices, to hospital advocates, to those who offer the multitude of services advocacy professionals deliver.

We invite you to submit your topic and description for our consideration as we choose our speakers for this year’s event.


If chosen as a speaker, you will receive:

  • Professional recognition as a speaker in all marketing: printed and online materials and promotion
  • Free registration for the conference and admission to all networking events.
  • Recognition among peers and professionals
    • Showcase your success as a patient/health advocate
    • Educate, empower, and support the growing profession of patient/health advocacy

Please note: no compensation, honoraria, or travel expenses are offered. All speakers are expected to cover those costs themselves.

Topic Ideas and Suggestions

ICOPA 2019 program bookThe goal of ICOPA is to meet the mutual needs of advocates, promote collaboration, and build competency within the broad healthcare system. Presentation subjects may include but are not limited to:

  • Innovative solutions to build/sustain a patient/health advocacy business and or department
  • Intersection of healthcare advocates across the care continuum
  • Strategies to educate consumers, employers, and the healthcare team on the value of patient/health advocacy
  • Best practices in health / patient advocacy and care or cost management
  • Scaling a practice: strategies for expanding the scope and reach of private practice
  • Ways to capitalize on Medicare Advantage expansion
  • Legislation and legal issues impacting patient/health advocates
  • Advocating for clients with special needs such as LGBTQ, mental health, addiction issues etc.
  • Building the case for Patient/Health Advocacy
  • Social and moral determinants of health
  • (What’s your idea?)

Selection Criteria

We will consider submissions for both General Sessions (all attendees) and Breakout Sessions (targeted to specific smaller audiences). All sessions should be 50 minutes in length with 10 minutes of question and answers.

Submissions will be reviewed by a diverse program committee who will seek to fill the limited spots available. They will look for concrete solutions attendees can adapt for use in their individual practices or companies, including quantitative proof of how well the solutions worked.

When choosing speakers, we will consider the following criteria:

  • Specificity: No vague, sanitized presentations, please. Our attendees demand objectivity (both successes and setbacks addressed), facts, numbers, dollars saved/earned, mistakes made or avoided and lessons learned.
  • Originality: We’re looking for fresh yet functional solutions to the work of patient/health advocates revealing real-world agency experiences.
  • Practicality: We want sessions that speak to the immediate concerns of people who hire or access patient/health advocates. Offer usable strategies that attendees can take home and implement.
  • Slides, overheads, and/or handouts: We’ll give special attention to presentations supplemented by informative audio/visuals and information-packed handouts that attendees can take home with them.

Instructions and Deadline

All speaker proposals must be received by end-of-day Friday, February 28, 2020 and must be submitted using this form. No non-form suggestions or submissions will be considered.

One person may submit more than one form, but no speaker will speak more than once. Additional submissions do not guarantee selection.

All proposals will be reviewed by our committee with an estimated selection notification (yes or no) by March 27, 2020.

Please apply using the form below.

Should you have questions, please submit them to: papers@icopaconference.com

We look forward to hearing your ideas on making ICOPA 2020 a richly rewarding experience for all attendees.

Thank you for considering this invitation. The deadline for submission has passed.