Teri Dreher - Speaker 2022

Teri Dreher As an ICOPA organizer, Teri will be found on the podium throughout the conference. Teri Dreher is a nationally recognized leader in the emerging field of professional patient advocacy. In 2011, she left a long career in critcal care nursing to form North Shore Patient Advocates, now one of the country’s largest professional […]

Danielle Marshall - Speaker 2022

Danielle Marshall Executive Director - The Patient Advocate Certification Board Danielle Marshall joined the Patient Advocate Certification Board as Executive Director in 2018 to establish operational structures for the newly formed organization. She has held numerous leadership positions nationally with ASAE, the membership organization for association executives, and on the digitalNow Advisory Group, a committee […]

Carey Kempton - Speaker 2022

Carey Kempton, MBA President, National Association of Healthcare Advocacy In her advocacy practice, Carey focuses on the financial side of healthcare, solving health insurance and medical bill problems for clients. Carey’s previous work experience in healthcare and small business marketing have developed her skills as a communicator - both with and between different stakeholders – […]

Malynnda Johnson - Speaker 2022

Malynnda Johnson, PhD Board Member - Patient Advocate Certification Board Malynnda Johnson, PhD believes being an advocate means providing an ear to hear questions patients have, eyes to see concerns that one might not know how to express, and a voice to help all involved navigate the complex world of health. Malynnda is an Associate […]

Trisha Torrey - Speaker 2022

Trisha Torrey Founder of The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates As an ICOPA organizer, Trisha will be found on the podium throughout the conference. Trisha Torrey is known as Every Patient’s Advocate. She is the founder and director of The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates, AdvoConnection.com, PracticeUPOnline.com, and a former board member of the Patient […]

Jennifer Whalen - Speaker 2022

Jennifer Whalen, DHSc, PA-C, BCPA Jennifer has been working in healthcare most of her life, starting as a CNA and medical assistant, then as a PA in urgent care, family and hospital medicine. Jennifer’s frustration with the healthcare system prompted her to work to change the way healthcare was delivered. She enrolled in a Doctor […]

Melissa Cardine - Speaker 2022

Meet Melissa Cardine, MSN, RN, WOCN, BCPA Melissa has been a nurse 25 years. She enjoys listening to patients, families, and caregivers and collaborating with healthcare professionals. In October of 2015, Melissa took this passion and the ideas she developed in her master’s program and founded The Bridge RN Patient Advocates. She has found tremendous […]

Lisa Berry Blackstock - Speaker 2022

Meet Lisa Berry Blackstock Lisa Berry Blackstock is the founder of Soul Sherpa Healthcare Advocacy Services®. The company was officially launched in 2008 in Los Angeles, California, after Lisa worked as an estate administrator for senior clients for 18 years. Lisa’s traumatic journey through atypical trigeminal neuralgia (which causes painful electric shocks to the face) […]

Erin Marcus - Speaker 2022

Meet Erin Marcus Erin Marcus is an award-winning business owner, international speaker, author, and consultant, who has been creating business successes for more than 20 years. Her vast corporate experience combined with her MBA business savvy and street-smart upbringing have her working with her clients at the intersection where actionable strategy meets the mindset work […]

Michelle Riddle - Speaker 2022

Meet Michelle Riddle With several years of healthcare experience, Michelle Riddle founded Complete Dignity LLC Healthcare Advocacy. Based in Phoenix, AZ, Complete Dignity Healthcare Advocacy is a nationwide health advocacy company providing services to the Consumer, Employer, Provider and Self-funded markets. Michelle is committed to the needs of patients and their family members. Collaborating with […]