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3 Virtual Events / Webinars for Health and Patient Advocates

Two years is a long time to wait for our second ICOPA event.
Pandemic or no pandemic, we want to keep the momentum going!

The ICOPA Planning Team is working on 3 events to be held between now and our 2021 gathering, as follows:

October 8, 2020 <- Hold the Date!

Pivoting in the Face of Pandemic: What Works, and What Doesn’t?*

A panel of advocacy professionals will discuss a variety of topics focused on how the perceptions and needs of our many target audiences have changed, client and service management during a pandemic, and practice management, too.*

February 2021

Getting to Yes – Breaking Down Barriers When Your Client Has Been Told No

Patient-clients hear too many “nos” when they attempt to access the care they need. “No” from providers, “no” from insurers, “no” from hospital personnel… So how can advocates overcome those “nos” on behalf of their clients?

May 2021

Getting Hospitals to Love You

Over time, the best hospitals have begun to warm up to the presence of independent advocates, supporting - and even appreciating - their work on behalf of their shared patient-client. This event will be a discussion of the benefits to hospitals of working with advocates, and specific ways you can approach hospitals to garner their respect and support.

General Information About These Events

In addition to our core presentation, we’ll be introducing you to some of our international advocates at each event. Representative advocates from countries like Canada, Japan, Saudi Arabia, the UK, and others will be featured and interviewed. We are, after all, an international group!

updates buttonRegistration will be available in early September. (Be sure we have your email address so you’ll get the notice when registration is open. You can submit your email address here.)

There will be a cost to attend (TBD)

The events will be recorded - audio and video - and you will be able to access them for up to one year after the date each is presented.

CEs for many certifications will be available. (We’ll be much more specific about this at registration.)

We hope you’ll join us!

*Have you found successful tactics for pivoting your advocacy, or your business, during this time of pandemic? If so, would you like to be one of our panel members for this session? If so, please contact us to let us know of your interest, and what you think you could add to the conversation. Panel participant selections will be made by August 1.

Are you interested in sponsoring our events?

Sponsorship information may be found here.

Or - contact us: sponsorship@icopaconference.com


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