Meet Ayman Binnasser in Jeddah, Suadi Arabia

Spend a few minutes learning about Ayman and his advocacy work.

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Patient Advocacy in Saudi Arabia from a general perspective is complex but I can assume patient advocacy is underway and improving because people are becoming more educated about their health and more knowledgeable when it comes to quality and extent of services.

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3 thoughts on “Meet Ayman Binnasser in Jeddah, Suadi Arabia”

  1. Ayman,
    Thank you for sharing about your experiences in Saudi Arabia. I have had many Saudi students in my classes at Ohio Northern University. They have shared about how different the Saudi health system is from the U.S. health system. I can imagine that practicing as an advocate in Saudi Arabia poses many different challenges for you than exist here for us in the U.S. I enjoyed hearing your story and your enthusiasm and passion for your profession and helping the people of your country!

  2. Ayman, thank you for sharing your work and how the area of patient experience and patient advocacy are emerging in your country. I hope your message reaches other healthcare professionals and they join you in your work. Please keep in touch and keep us updated as your move forward.

  3. Ayman, I’m delighted to hear your message about advocacy being a service for your hospital. The complexity of healthcare makes it difficult for most people to navigate without help. Your service helps both the patient and facility - keep learning more about Advocacy and welcome to this important field.

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