Meet Kirstin Veugelers in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Canadian flagSpend a few minutes learning about Kirstin and her advocacy work.

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I am passionate about the field of professional health advocacy because of my own past struggles to get a diagnosis and guidance to manage that a chronic condition. Because I have been one who has lost hope, and has felt unheard, my clients quickly sense the empathy I bring and appreciate knowing they have an ally.

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2 thoughts on “Meet Kirstin Veugelers in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada”

  1. Kirstin, thank you for your video. I also became an advocate after my own health journey….going through the experience helps us understand how hard it is to be a patient, even with the best of care. Everyone needs an advocate when they enter the healthcare system. Continued success in your work.

  2. Kirstin, thanks for sharing your story and for doing the work necessary to get Advocacy rolling in Canada. The world is shrinking and today’s technology makes it easier for all of us to network and learn from each other as we struggle to get advocacy out to the general public.

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