Welcome Sponsor!

Thanks for choosing to sponsor ICOPA 2022! We thank you for your support.

We’ve put together these steps and guidelines to help you plan and prepare for our conference.

Master Level

Immediately, please send to: trisha@diagKNOWsis.com

  • Your web logo to add to the ICOPA website. It should be at least 250px by 250px (but larger is always better.)
  • The link for the web location you want someone to land on when they click on your logo.

By February 1:

  • Your print logo All print logos need to be full color and at least 900px by 900px. (If you want to send just this logo immediately, we can use it for both web and print - as in our #1 request above.) We’ll use the same link you send us for #1 above, unless you tell us differently.
  • Your full-color, full-page ad to print in our attendee booklet.
    Your ad should be vertical, 7-1/2″ wide by 10″ tall and camera ready at 300 dpi. Translated to pixels this is 2250px wide and 3000px tall. (We’re sorry - no exceptions. This is how the book is printed.)

By March 15:

Anytime - with limits:
If you are coming in from out of town and need hotel reservations, please see the offer from the Westin Rosemont (O’Hare). There is a limited number of rooms available.

Conference and Venue Details
Find the information you need about your table / booth, shipping, attendance, times, and more on our FAQs page.


Once your logo is added to the ICOPA website, we’ll send you a link. And, as our attendee booklet is developed, we’ll ask you to double check that it appears the way you’d like.

We’ll be happy to answer any additional questions, of course. Find us at: admin@icopaconference.com

And we look forward to seeing you in Chicago in April!