Meet Dr. Stephan DeBuren in Miami, Florida and Geneva, Switzerland

American flagSpend a few minutes learning about Stephan and his advocacy work in two countries!flag of Switzerland

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What patients mainly want is first, a good doctor, second, a good treatment, and third, a good price. And this doesn’t change between countries in Europe or in the United States. I think this is pretty normal….  In Europe is all about cultural differences. We have to adapt to these differences every time.


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1 thought on “Meet Dr. Stephan DeBuren in Miami, Florida and Geneva, Switzerland”

  1. Dr, DeBuren thank you for your video. Interesting information. In Switzerland you say pay the highest out of pocket costs for healthcare. Are they raised to save money to be able to do this? I would be interested in learning this as savings for an emergency is the smart thing to do. Hoping to hear from you.

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