Meet Naomi Sakurai in Tokyo, Japan

Japanese flagSpend a few minutes learning about Naomi and her advocacy work.

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“Measures needed to be taken to incorporate the opinions of patients and their families before committees to address the challenges in our healthcare system. Patient Advocates are now part of each National Committee. This has spurred PPI, Patient and Public Involvement in policy making.”

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  • Naomi,
    Thank you for sharing your story and the work you are doing in Japan helping other women gain access to cancer treatment. This work is so important, and without strong leaders such as yourself, many women may not know how to reach out or know what to ask for in seeking available treatment options. I appreciate your willingness to share your story.

  • Sakurai-san, domo arigato gozaimasu! Your video was very interesting and very well done. I am also a cancer survivor (23 years) and now a board-certified patient advocate. I am interested in Japan’s PPI program and am glad that you are a part of it. I look forward to meeting you in the future! Gambatte!

  • Naomi, congratulations on your work. Helping to amplify the patients voice is critical if we are going to improve the healthcare system so it can meet the individual needs of those who use it! . Continued successes. Keep us up to date on your work.

  • Naomi, thank you for sharing your story and work on PPI with us. You are so correct, we need to work together for the benefit of the people who need advocates. I look forward to hearing more about your PPI guide.

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