Meet Susan Hagar in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Canadian flagSpend a few minutes learning about Susan and her advocacy work.

Then send her a greeting, or ask a question, below!

Through my experience I saw the need for people to be able to hire a nurse and or patient advocate to have a better experience in healthcare.

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7 thoughts on “Meet Susan Hagar in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada”

  1. Susan, love your presentation. I am here in Dallas, born in Ottawa and also a grad of Algonquin (RN). I am an “Aging Life Care Professional”/care manager in my own practice here. Glad to hear you are leading the charge in Ottawa!!

  2. Hi Susan,
    I have a few questions:
    Do I understand you have about 25 registered nurses working for you as advocates? Full time? How many of those RNs can support themselves entirely from their earnings?
    How did you manage to get the media exposure?

  3. Susan, How heartwarming to hear your story. Congratulations on your business success and for being a BCPA! Look forward to networking as it seems that you’ve overcome many obstacles to accomplish the far reaching advocacy network you have built.

  4. Susan, thanks for your heartwarming story. Congratulations on your BCPA and broad business success. Love the networking opportunities to stimulate and support each other as we continue on this journey to make health advocacy more visible and available.

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